Alan Shucker

Ocean View High School


Contact Info

Phone: 4915 Email:
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Academic Background

BA: CSU Long Beach, Mathematics MA: National University, Teaching

Professional Background

I have taught at Ocean View for over 30 years, and spent 10 years as a private math tutor prior to that. I have been the math department co-coordinator for over 10 years, and have had training in numerous educational methodologies, including AVID strategies, working with special needs students, educational technology and assisting English language learners.

Hobbies and Interests

Music, carpentry, writing, origami, reading, running, solving puzzles, and learning new things


School Period Name Room
OVHS 1 Accelerated Geometry A 915
OVHS 2 Prob/Statistics 915
OVHS 3 Accelerated Geometry A 915
OVHS 4 Prob/Statistics 915
OVHS 6 Trigonometry DELETE
OVHS 6 Prob/Statistics 915