Scott McLaughlin

Huntington Beach High School


Contact Info

Phone: 4215 Email:
Preferred Contact Method: email


Academic Background

I have a BA in English from CSUF; Single Subject English Credential from CSUF; CLAD Certified; Masters in Education from National University.

Professional Background

This is my 12th year teaching, 11th year at HBHS

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy sharing with my students my love for literature, film and life. It's my goal to convert the non-readers and non-writers into those who will actually start looking forward to the pleasures of reading a great book, and realize the power of effective writing. As for those students who already love to read and write, I hope to open their eyes to fresh and new perspectives. As for my film students, I hope to change the way they look at film forever, and give them the tools necessary to appreciate the art and magic of moviemaking. I cherish it most when students tell me that I inspired them to change their major in college to Film or English, or that I've inspired them to become a teacher. It is also very cool when a student or parent tells me that I've motivated them in becoming an avid reader. My hobbies/interests are movies, NHL hockey (GO KINGS GO!), video games, karaoke, and music.


School Period Name Room
HBHS 1 CP English 3A A31
HBHS 2 Art of Film A31
HBHS 3 Art of Film A31
HBHS 4 Art of Film A31
HBHS 5 Art of Film A31